Sarah Svetlana is a Los Angeles based artist who, as a painter, explores the fragmentation of the subject in an ongoing search for home. An agency model, turned art model, Sarah Svetlana used her body as the first medium in her initial search for identity and self-expression—her upbringing in the irreconcilable cultures of Soviet Belarus and Immigrant America, has drawn and painted roadmaps between two worlds.

Her paintings do not only suggest hectic movement, but the stillness locked in each gesture of that movement. Her work is “rooted somewhere between the insanity of Kandinsky and the line-certainty of the early 20th century Futurists.” Each painting is a piece to the complex topography that defines both her identity and her work. Through the narratives created by a methodical application of color, she delivers an invocation of home— spectral and surreal, but familiar too. 

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Yoga for Goths.

September 19, 2017

Why are my floors constantly dirty? I don't understand. I'm a germ phobe with entitlement issues. I guess that's a recipe for a dirty hardwood floor. It's just icky. 


I'm trying to constantly better myself. The older I get the more I let go of these old ideas and beliefs of who "I" am. And what I'm supposed to be. 


That being said, why can't I find a place to do yoga that isn't so.. self righteous? Is that the right phrase? I don't know. I just want a place I can go that I can stretch, breathe and get in touch with my inner Lilith without feeling like I'm not a part of this weird, culty club. 


Maybe I'm being cynical. 


Will anyone even read these words? I don't think that's even crossed my mind yet. I just wanted a place to spew my thoughts.


Strange how the desire to connect never fades even from the most antisocial. 


Papa 16x20" -acrylic on canvas 

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February 23, 2018

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