Sarah Svetlana is a Los Angeles based artist who, as a painter, explores the fragmentation of the subject in an ongoing search for home. An agency model, turned art model, Sarah Svetlana used her body as the first medium in her initial search for identity and self-expression—her upbringing in the irreconcilable cultures of Soviet Belarus and Immigrant America, has drawn and painted roadmaps between two worlds.

Her paintings do not only suggest hectic movement, but the stillness locked in each gesture of that movement. Her work is “rooted somewhere between the insanity of Kandinsky and the line-certainty of the early 20th century Futurists.” Each painting is a piece to the complex topography that defines both her identity and her work. Through the narratives created by a methodical application of color, she delivers an invocation of home— spectral and surreal, but familiar too. 

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Automatic Writing.

September 20, 2017

I hate everything I do an hour after I do them. I'll stare at a painting or an essay for hours and rip it to shreds. The moment I write something, after quickly editing for grammatical errors I need to step away and not touch it anymore. 


I suppose that's the same obsessiveness that allows me to paint for hours focusing on the details within the details. 


I wanted to make this a point. No writing beforehand. No outlines. This is as automatic as my other work. All a controlled chaos. 


Shit, it's 3am. God damnit. I forgot to sleep again. And I need to be up in 3 hours to be a mom. I'm like, the worst adult. 


I keep taking Aspergers tests online and I'm scoring pretty high. I'm not saying they're accurate as a doctor's diagnosis but they're like, legit making me wonder. It sorta makes sense. 


That goofy person everyone thinks they know is just an incredibly uncomfortable, humor deflecting, sensory overloaded, on-the-spectrum babe (I'm talking about myself in case that wasn't clear). 


Ok. Now my secrets out. Good thing no one will read this shit. Nobody reads anything anymore anyway.



Tonight's painting, 


Lover, 16x30" acrylic on stretched canvas.



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February 23, 2018

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